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TwistedCo Lightweight tubes

TwistedCo Lightweight tubes

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TwistedCo TPU tubes are lightweight, durable and eco friendly. All tubes are 60mm or 48mm presta valve in black. 

Tube weights:

20 x 1.3 to 2.0 - 32g (+/-) 
20 x 1 1/8 to 3/8 - 28g (+/-)

Maximum PSI - 120

Safety notes:

  1. Do not inflate the inner tube outside the tire unless it is in the process of installation.
  2. Do not fill the inner tube with air outside the tire (can be properly inflated to help install into the outer tire) otherwise it will cause inner tube deformation and damage. Only add pressure after completing the TPU inner tube installation.
  3. Please use the liner belt inside the rim and the tire and rim that fit the size specification of the TPU inner tube together.
  4. Do not exceed the maximum allowable tire and rim pressure.
  5. Please check the tire pressure before riding. Pay attention to the possible pressure increase under high temperature conditions.
  6. TPU inner tube can be applied to all outer tires. TPU inner tube can only be reused in the same size.
  7. The inner tube is eliminated material. It is recommended to test them regularly and replace them if they are found to be deformed or overused.
  8. Do not use sharp tools or metal rods when mounting or dismounting TPU inner tube, otherwise it will damage the inner tube.
  9. Do not disassemble the valve core on the valve nozzle, otherwise it will cause damage.
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