Since the beginning of BMX racing in the early 70’s, the materials and technologies used havn't changed much. Many BMX brands have continued to use steel or aluminum frames by keeping all the existing standards and have, each year, only modified the colors, geometries or tube shapes of their frames. without any real technological revolutions.
are bringing you: performance, innovation and high-tech products.

  • Prophecy Frames

    Scud Evo 3, the fast and rigid high-tech carbon frame…

    Uncompromising efficiency with maximum power transfer.

    The one and only “FAST MACHINE” that will remain forever in the history of BMX, the first carbon frame to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020)

    Developed with the help of DAVID GRAF, Olympian and bronze medallist at the 2021 Elite World Championship, theScud Evo3 remains the reference in terms of Weight / Stiffness / Performance / Comfort.

  • Prophecy Rims

    Prophecy rims are made from 3K & UD carbon TORAY T700.

    The rims are produced with high quality steel moulds by high temperature compression machines (180 degrees Celsius).

    If you are looking to save weight and improve your speed on the track, the lightness and stiffness of our Prophecy carbon rims will help you to lead the pack!

  • Prophecy Forks

    Our Prophecy forks are rigerously tested in the Prophecy Labratory.

    Static bending, bending fatigue, stiffness, as well as strength to break tests all ensure you have the best of the best.
    Their tests are much more comprehensive and destructive than any existing ISO tests and other brands in the market.

    We have done all the hard work to bring you componets that are built for strength and perfomance.