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Shred Bike Care

SHRED Fast Shine - Silicone Polish- 250ml

SHRED Fast Shine - Silicone Polish- 250ml

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Show your bike some love and give it that new bike shine with Shred Fast Shine Silicone Polish.

Our mad Shred scientist has mixed up a water resistant, anti-friction cocktail that protects and prevents dirt and grime build up. Leaving a silky smooth shine!

Formulated to be safe on metal, alloy, titanium, plastics, carbon-fibre and all painted surfaces. Shred Fast Shine Silicone Polish also helps keep moving parts, like your dropper post, suspension stanchions and seals, running smooth.

Water Resistant
Reduces Friction
Prevents Grime

Instructions for use 

Step 1: Thoroughly clean and dry drive train with Shred Fast Degreaser.
Step 2: Wash your bike with Shred Fast Wash.
Step 3: Spray Shred Fast Shine directly to the surface of your clean bike, fork stanchions and rear shocks etc. Taking care to ensure areas such as brake discs and calipers are not exposed to overspray.
Step 4: Use a clean microfiber cloth to buff for a silky smooth shine.
Step 5: Repeat Step 1

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