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Shred Bike Care

SHRED Dry Lube - 125ml

SHRED Dry Lube - 125ml

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Shred Dry Lube is formulated for use in dry and dusty conditions ensuring your chain runs free and smooth.

Containing a blend of petroleum based oils and lubricants specifically developed to provide deep penetration to help clean the drive train, while offering excellent lubrication to ensure easy shifting and smooth flow of the chain.

Formulated for Dry & Dusty Conditions
Ensures Easy Shifting

Instructions for use 

Step 1: Thoroughly clean and dry drive train with Shred Fast Degreaser.
Step 2: Apply a small amount of Shred Dry Lube to the inside chain links while turning pedals in reverse.
Step 3: Remove excess chain lube with a clean rag.
Step 4: Ride Your Bike, Have Fun!

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