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Prophecy Carbon Ripple Rims

Prophecy Carbon Ripple Rims

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New Prophecy carbon light weight Ripple Rims

Available with our Prophecy grey sticker, with or without braking side, 25 to 30mm high, 31mm width, tubeless compatible and made by high modulus carbon fiber…

If you want to improve your speed on the track with a better inertia… this is the rim you need…

Prophecy rims are produced with high quality steel moulds by high temperature compression machines (180 degrees Celsius).

Prophecy use as well 100% EPS inside mould in order to have a smooth internal surface of the rims and avoid any weak point and save weight.

If you are looking to save weight and improve your speed on the track, the lightness and stiffness of our carbon rims will help you to lead the pack!

Pro 20x1.75" 36h Front (ERD = 368)
Pro 20x1.75" 36h Rear (ERD = 368)

Expert 20x1 3/8" 28h Front (ERD = 402)
Expert 20x1 3/8" 28h Rear (ERD = 402)

Cruiser 24x1.75" 36h Front (ERD = 470)
Cruiser 24x1.75" 36h Rear (ERD = 470)

NOTE: Rims are sold individually

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