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Berd Spoke Coloring Kits

Berd Spoke Coloring Kits

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Want more Customisation?

Berd Spoke Coloring Kits contain all of the supplies you need to customize your Berd wheels! Designed specifically for coloring Berd spokes already installed into wheels, each kit contains an applicator brush to easily apply ink to the spokes. In an hour or less, you can customize your wheels to one of eight colors including: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, Green or Black.

Each kit contains enough ink to color one set of wheels (two wheels). Mix and match colors to create unique designs by ordering multiple kits. The ink can be applied to white spokes only.

Kit contents:

  • Alcohol-Based Ink - 1 oz
  • Pour Spout
  • Applicator Brush
  • Ink Dropper
  • Instruction Card
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